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With nearly 8 years of diverse experience in Operations Support, Team Leadership, and IT Services, I blend customer service acumen with software development skills.

Proficient in HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and a range of tools including Google Sheets, Jira, JQL, SQL, and Slack Workflows.

Additionally, my certifications from IBM, Python Institute, Udemy, CompTIA, and more attest to my commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

My passion for game development extends to Unreal Engine 5, where I am actively engaged in both learning and practical application, evident in my latest project, Plate Hopper.

My projects, such as the Shopify E-commerce for Golden Roller Skates, highlight my ability to craft user-centric solutions and enhance digital impact through strategic design and development initiatives.


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I've put together a few projects on GitHub during my self-taught experience and education from LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, and others. Check them out by clicking the link below.

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Indie Game Development

Check out my portfolio of games I've made in Unreal Engine 5 on itch.io

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Atlassian Jira

JQL Automation


Operations Process Improvement

Complex Problem Solving

Technical Writing

Google Sheets

Learning Agility

High Patience Level

Unreal Engine 5

Game Design Documentation

UE5 Blueprint

Awards & Recognitions

Recognized by coworkers at DoorDash for:

Leadership Initiative & Process Improvement

Teamwork Capability & Attention to Detail

Jira Data Organization in Google Sheets

Technical Writing & Training Materials

Slack Workflows Google Sheets Integration

Received 'Exceeds Expectations' two years in a row.

Testimonials & Recommendations

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"Shane created a Shopify account for our 501c3 nonprofit, Golden Roller Skates. He took photos of our inventory, edited and organized the image assests. He optimized the storefront for easy customer shopping, and connected our payment options for seamless transactions. Shane is a true professional with excellent communications, updates, and follow through."

Lisa G
President & Co-Founder

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"One of Shane's most admirable qualities is his relentless commitment to continuous improvement. He consistently seeks opportunities for self-development and actively pursues new knowledge and techniques to enhance his problem-solving abilities. Shane is not content with mediocrity; he constantly strives to excel and deliver the highest level of service."

Kat S

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"Shane has brought the team tremendous success, provides feedback and assistance, and never turns a peer away when they need help. I am amazed at the drive and determination Shane has day in and day out and think that no matter where Shane goes in life, he will bring nothing but positive impact and change with him."

Miranda B

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"He is very thorough with google sheets and excel and is extremely skilled in process improving and coming up with prompt resolutions to better our processes as a whole."

Kristine J

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